Save A Meeting Cheat Sheet



What is this? A cheat sheet of nine pointed questions that can get a meeting back on the rails (and get it over with already).

Why does this exist? Because I’m an introvert and I got tired of either having my day hijacked by useless meetings where nothing got done or being steamrolled in meetings by people with more authority or a louder voice than me. I noticed us introverts weren’t speaking up unless we were pushed into a corner and forced to speak up out of fear or anger –which is usually a disaster. I wanted everyone to have a constructive voice, especially if they didn’t have any authority and didn’t normally speak up. I read a bunch of books on meetings and started asking pointed questions in meetings until these nine questions solidified. Then I printed up cheat sheets and passed them out.

How do we use it? Paste this cheat sheet in your notepad or whatever you bring to meetings and/or post it in meeting areas. When a meeting seems to feel like it’s not moving forward or has no direction, remember that you have a cheat sheet full of pointed questions you could be asking to get it back on the rails.

Also, walk through and answer all the questions by yourself before calling a meeting.

Where do I get it?  You can download the PDF from my google drive here.

What does it say?  Here’s a screenshot (note: above PDF will print much better):


Danny Burbol