Winpower Diet Tip #009


I want to pause here at Tip #009 to make a small distinction: I’m NOT posting these tips to get you to follow exactly in my footsteps.  I DON’T want you to do exactly what worked for me because you and I are different people.

I want you to do what works for you.  For example, I like sour cream and I’m allergic to pineapple.  You might love pineapple and hate sour cream.  My diet will take advantage of the fact that I like sour and bitter foods.  Your diet could avoid “bitter” and instead exploit “spicy” or “crunchy” or “hot stuff” or “cold stuff” or whatever you’re favorite flavors and textures are.

The point is, your diet is your diet.  You get to choose.  You get to discover the healthy lifestyle that is so totally your style that you can’t imagine doing anything else.

When you here me or anyone else talk about diet tips, tricks, rules, and cheats, please realize all the rules are optional.  You get to choose what works for you and change or modify anything that doesn’t work yet.  Make it your own.  Don’t get caught up in the details, ask yourself “What’s the point of this tip?  How can I do it better than Danny?  How can I do it my way?”

Here’s a simple example, let’s say 10 people decide that way to success is to start tracking the number of cans of soda they drink in a day and they all start taking steps to lower that number.

  1. I personally like to track numbers with pen and paper.
  2. The next person might use a whiteboard.
  3. The next person might use email,
  4. or use their favorite program on their computer,
  5. or use the an app on their phone,
  6. or call themselves and leave a voice mail,
  7. or write on their hand with a pen.
  8. The next couple people might decide they don’t want to track cans of soda, but they get the general idea that sugar is the thing they want to cut down on.  So one person might cut out sugar in their coffee.
  9. The next person might decide to half the sugar in their coffee.
  10. The last person might decide to simply read labels for a week and look for sugar to see what foods are setting them up to fail.

Whatever works for you is the correct answer.  Whatever doesn’t work –change it and try again.  We never fail if we learned something.  If we realized that trying to stop drinking sugary drinks altogether wasn’t working, maybe we can take a step back and instead challenge ourselves to only drink 1 less each day until that is no longer a struggle.  Then we could challenge ourselves to drink 1 less again.

Give yourself permission to explore and discover your own path.  “Eat Less and Exercise More,” is obviously the answer.  We all know this.  So why did I fail at every diet for 36 years?  It’s because I kept trying to do it someone else’s way.  It wasn’t until I started asking my own questions and making my own rules that I started truly making progress.  That is what my book, The Winpower Diet, is all about.   I did not write a book that says “use your willpower to follow my 10 magic rules to be thin.”  Instead I wrote a book that embraces a fantastic phrase from the artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu that says, “no rules, just tools”

you got this,

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