Rogue Force



Download Rogue Force PDF For Free Here

1-2 players.  All Ages.  Game Length: 15-20 minutes.

We need you to take command of a small fleet of rebel space ships on an unsanctioned mission to destroy an enemy base.  Make wise choices. Make the most of limited resources. Damage the objective, get back home alive and maybe, just maybe, we’ll win this war.  We’re counting on you and your Rogue Force.


Rogue Force is a free Print-And-Play game I made for a game design challenge to make a game with 9 cards and minimal extras.

The object of the game is to navigate your fleet of ships to the enemy’s base; damage it; and then return to your own home base.  Damaging the enemy base and returning home are both required to be eligible to win the round.

The game is based on making hard choices with your resources and keeping your fleet strong for battle.

Here is a video intro to the game:


Here is a video of all the rules for how to play:


Here is a video play through of the Solo Mission (1 player)


coming soon: a video play through of 2 player Head-to-Head.

Download Rogue Force PDF For Free Here