Winpower Diet Tip #008


It’s amazing how many times I sabotaged myself by trying to change too many habits at once.  I thought to myself, “If I do these 10 things all at once, a couple of them are bound to stick.”  Sadly, all that this approach ever got me was overwhelmed.

The moment I was overwhelmed, I gave up.  –Sure, I told myself I’d try again tomorrow, but when tomorrow came around I felt like I was standing at the bottom of a shear cliff.  I didn’t even have the motivation to look at it let alone attempt to climb it again.

It’s funny how rushing in and doing everything at once sounds like a good plan but doesn’t seem to last very long.  What’s funny about that approach is that it’s the classic “Willpower Diet”.  I literally decide to set myself up to fail, I psyched myself up, and then I turned to my willpower to magically make this diet work this time around.  Unfortunately, willpower decays over time.  Sooner or later it runs out and I’m overwhelmed by all the snacks at the party or the sweets in the next room.

The trick was to take One Small Step At A Time instead of trying to do it all at once and struggle to the goal.  Why does a diet have to be punishment?  We can make it easy.  We can change one small thing a day or one small thing a week.  The old saying goes, “every journey begins with a single step,” not “every journey begins with a pole vault over a wall with a stick that’s not tall enough.”

We can set ourselves up for success by focusing on one step.  Make sure it’s the next step (don’t skip steps).  Then celebrate our progress before doing it again.

you got this,

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