Unity: My Car Physics Demo



I’m been playing with Unity lately and put together this car physics demo.  It’s the result of doing many, many tutorials on Unity, it’s built-in physics engine, and Blender (free 3d modeling program).

Unity’s pretty sweet and pretty easy to use.  I progressed from simple Roll-a-ball tutorials to character animations and then found myself playing with car physics tutorials and modeling tutorials.  (That right, this dev made his own 3d models ::dramatic chord::).

It was a log of work, but I’ve been having fun with it.  I have an “offroad” car and a “race” car running around on a big map.  I figured maybe I’d share this demo on the site instead of leaving it on my computer –never to see the light of day (like all my other little Unity demos and experiments).

You can click here to play the demo in a browser (and you may need to download the Unity player for your browser, which is much like downloading a Flash player)

or you can download the desktop version here.  (note, I created and tested this on the PC, I have no way of knowing if the Mac version is in working order.)

I hope you find racing around and crashing into thing a fun way to spend a few minutes.



A few shout-outs to tutorials that made this demo possible.

  • Unity:
    • unity3d.com: Unity’s Stealth Project Tutorial
    • http://cgcookie.com: Unity Network: Introduction to Networking in Unity Tutorial (note: although this did work, it turns out Unity’s networking code is very slow.  You might want to wait for some future version of the Unity engine before jumping on multiplayer games.)
    • Mooncrawler456 on YouTube: How To Make A Simple Car Game In Unity.  This tutorial spends a lot of time showing you how to use the terrain tools in Unity.  Then it takes a sharp turn with “download my assets and code and I’ll show you how to place them in the world.”  So I found first half of this tutorial useful.
    • FlatTutorials on YouTube: How to make a Car game – Unity 3D Tutorial.  This is a great resource if you can get passed the author’s hard to follow coding style and you are wise enough to question “why” the author is doing what he is doing.  I found this author gave great examples of the Unity API in action and then I could go look-up the API to learn more.  Be warned that the author doesn’t optimize much and you should always take the time to rewrite and optimize tutorials like these so you truly understand what’s going on.  But I have to hand it to him… he goes step-by-step and covers a lot of topics, like sound and GUI.  It really is a great series to spring-board you into Unity.
  • Blender:
  • Warning:
    • These are not all of the tutorials I attempted that led to the demo on this page.  I know I’m forgetting some and I also can’t find some any more.  But keep in mind, this list is merely the 10% of the tutorials that I found were actually useful, which is why I’m making it a point to share them.

Good Luck in your Unity endeavors!!