MircoRPG The Red Orc Adventure (final release)


Thank goodness for 3-day weekends!  I finally wrapped up the MircoRPG game for final release! :) Click Image or Click Here to play!

Final additions include:

  • tutorial bubbles that teach you how to use the town’s healing water and the doctor’s house.
  • game save and loading via Flash cookies
  • popup numbers to tell you damage being done and when any HUD numbers change
  • a rebalance of enemy life and damage so the game progresses more smoothly (you should be able to kill end boss around level 14, instead of the original 20-something)

If you’re interested in hearing more about the developement, here’s the original post.

Again, here’s a description of the game:

It’s kind of a spoof on RPGs. You start in a town and you run out and kill a few guys only to retreat back to town to restore your life.  You do the xp grind like this until you level up and start venturing out farther and farther.  It basically points out the core mechanic RPGs use, which is "forcing people to grind in order to progress".  I wanted it to be so obvious that I didn’t even program any button presses –>that’s right, it’s a zero button game.  However, what started out as a spoof on RPGs turned into, what I think, is an okay game with a nice sense of progression.  It also involves some skill because if you’re not careful your little hero can get double or triple-teamed and will die much faster.  As you get stronger, it becomes obvious since enemies that would 3 hits are now crushed in 1.  Ultimately, you save the princess from an end boss, the red orc.  Actually, you can beat the game multiple times and each time you do, the end credits make a different joke about the hero and the princess’ "happily ever after" depending on how much money you have when you reach the end AND beating the end boss causes all the enemies in the game to level up, increasing the amount of gold and XP they leave behind.