MicroRPG Additions


First off, the image to the right is NOT playable yet.  That said, on to the post…

Over the holidays I made a little game I called MicroRPG (here’s the original post, and original playable game page). It’s kind of a spoof on RPGs.  You start in a town and you run out and kill a few guys only to retreat back to town to restore your life.  You do the xp grind like this until you level up and start venturing out farther and farther.  It basically points out the core mechanic RPGs use, which is "forcing people to grind in order to progress".  I wanted it to be so obvious that I didn’t even program any button presses –>that’s right, it’s a zero button game.  However, what started out as a spoof on RPGs turned into, what I think, is an okay game with nice sense of progression.  It also involves some skill because if you’re not careful your little hero can get double or triple-teamed and will die much faster.  Ultimately, you save the princess from an end boss with a ridiculous amount of hit points (just like a Final Fantasy game :).  Actually, you can beat the game multiple times and each time you do, the end credits make a different joke about the hero and the princess’ "happily ever after" depending on how much money you have when you reach the end.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the code in my spare time (which is not much :) and working on a version 2.  It’s not currently running well enough to release again, but I just finished upgrading the hud and it looks sooo much better!  So much so, that I thought I’d post a screen-shot (even tho the game is not ready to release again).  Before, the hud was just some numbers along the bottom of the screen.  Now it’s closer to my original idea.  I wanted to embrace the whole "micro" part of the MicroRPG idea and make it look like the "screen" was also ‘micro’ by making a little box around the hero.  It looks sooo much nicer and it’s soo much easier to play when the info you need from the hud is only an inch from where you’re already looking.

Improvements include:

  • Hearts to show health, which break down into 5 pieces in each heart
  • As you level up, you get another heart
  • When you die, one of your hearts is x’ed out and can’t be filled until you go to the little doctor’s house and pay gold to get it fixed.
  • The "Attack" and "Defense" numbers are now icons that change as the hero gets stronger.  The icons are also in the hero’s hands.

Unfortunately, by redoing the hud, I now have to re-balance the game (I halved the hero’s hp… which makes all the enemies kill you really fast now).  Before the next release, I’m hoping to create a new map and have creatures drop items (so the map above might be removed/replaced).  I’m also debating about removing XP completely and going with a more Zelda style approach where all progress is ultimately an item you have to collect.

anyways, I’ll keep you posted (all 2 of you who actually played the original :p  )